Nivela laser rotativa Fluke PLS HV2R SYS

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The PLS HV2R red rotary lasers are designed for the construction job site, offering a rugged ergonomic design and simplified controls. The HV2R model red rotary laser emits a laser line in the horizontal or vertical plane.
The HV2R rotary lasers also emit a point from the top when placed in the vertical position. The HV2R lasers are ideal for use by general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers in both interior and exterior applications.
•  HV2R comes with metal ceiling and wall bracket to help with large suspended ceiling layout and installation
•  The kit includes elevating tripod and 16-foot grade rod.
•  Applications include setting foundations and footings, concrete pours, drywall terracing, contour framing and suspended ceiling installation.

Additional information
Accuracy             ≤ 2.2 mm @ 30 m (≤ 3/32 in @ 100 ft)
Working Range    ≤ 300 m (1000 ft) (w/detector)
IP Rating              Product IP Rating 67
Operating Time    60 hours
Laser Class         Class II
Batteries              4 D Alkaline, NIMH Rechargeable

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